Once again it´s been some time since I last posted. Just want to post this short Vassbotten – Four season video. All the recordings are from the small inner lake of Vänern where I live. This is what we do at our free time. Hopefully there will be some more Wakesurf and Windsurf movies later this summer. The recordings shows Vassbotten in all different seasons, and this is some of the things you could do here

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The snow is now gone since a couple of weeks and that’s a bummer since that was a really good all-round training. Since the snow went away I have done some tracking with poles to keep the movement in my arms. It havn´t been the shame though, and I had a hard time to find a good complement. So today I called Johan hand asked him if he wanted to do some running and some wood lifting. He said yes and we had a good time in the woods again. We did some lifting, squats and push-ups.






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The last three days have been gooood. Thursday night I thought that I was hardcore when I went skiing in the dark when it was snowing. IN MY FACE. When I got to the Ski hut, 50 kids were out there playing the game, Come all my little chicken´s…. Well I decided to hit the woods with my headlamp to be by my self. In my face again. A grandpa with a 7 year old kid both with headlamps were just about to start. Well after passing them I was by my self for the next hour, so it wasn´t that bad.


Yesterday a dream came through. I was finally able to walk down from my house to Vassbotten and ski on the ice. The ice is about 20 centimeters thick now and Thursdays snow was enough ski on the ice. So yesterday was good but unfortunately to snow started to melt away in the afternoon. My first and last day on the ice this year. We will see if the winter comes back.



Today’s training was running and I finished the jog by doing some push ups, burpees and squats at my new outdoor gym.





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Instead of getting a ride with Lasse home I decided to take a walk. I like the outside training more and more :)


The ice at Vassbotten is thicker than 15 centimeters now so after todays snow Ill be able to ski there. Not bad to have my own ski track at the backyard…


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Training is good! Chilling in my couch with tiered shoulders, back, and legs. I have been skiing about 25 km this weekend and I think that the average time have been decent. Yesterday at Hunneberg and today at the Skihut. To get more upper body training I have been working more and more on my poling. Two times the last week I have been passed by two older guys that have told be that poling is the the secrete if you want to go fast and that I am poling like a pussy right now ;)
The tracks starting to run out of snow at some places, so we hopefully have some more snow tomorrow if the forecast is correct.

Well this is a photo of what we can get if we start to train more outside :)



Prepared tracks makes a huge different. Looking at the average time per kilometer I improved more than 100 % comparing Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday was more like hiking with skies compared to Thursdays more prepared tracks. Then comparing Thursday to today my average time per km improved about 22%. The tracks were a lot better today and it felt like I was actually skiing. It will be interesting to se for how long that I can continue to improve the time because of my technique getting better and not just because of my conditioning

Tre dagars träning

Later today Ill be doing some power yoga and core training to keep my body flexible and fit, and next week we will hopefully have less wind so I can get some paddling training done before there will be to much ice

Today I had no vehicle, but I decided to go skiing anyway. Instead of going up to Hunneberg again, I grabbed my bike and bummed away to “the ski hut” (Skidstugan). They still havn´t prepped the tracks, but I wasn’t the first guy out today which did that I could go twice the speed compared to yesterday. The distance was about 9 km and time 54 minutes. Hopefully Ill be able to do get a lot better time when the tracks are better.

Ill try to make a post latter on explaining more about my training intention.

This is how my cloths looked like when I was suppose to go out.


… and this is the view from the track


Today I did my cross country skiing debut this winter. Lars and I skied about 10 km of mostly untouched tracks. Tomorrow Ill probably ski again since we never know
for how long the snow is going to last. So my plane is to keep skiing as much as I can for now on.
Luckily the forecast predicts it going to stay cold for a while, so we are hopefully able to do some long distance skating and some ice surfing the next couple of days.


Lately I haven´t been posting that much and that’s because it haven´t been that much to post about looking at my life from a surf point of view. What´s been taken a lot of my time is work, school and training. Since I don’t want to stop blogging I have decided to change the orientation of the content that I am posting.

As I said working out have taken a lot of time. Before Erica and I went to central America last year I got sponsored at my gym. I spent a lot of time there before and after the trip, but in about 15 days that contract will run out. Since I am not getting an extended sponsorship I eater have to start paying again or quit. Since I have done more and more function and crossfitt training it got me thinking. It got me thinking about how much time people spending at the gym, how much time people spending preparing before the gym and how much time people spending to actually get to the gym. And what do we do at the gym? We are doing all these exercises in different machines that we are fighting for because of all the other people that want to do the same work out, in the same machine, at the same time. Why do we do all this? Why don’t we just do that good old Rocky Balboa training that is so inspiring for so many people and get us pumped before heading to the gym?

What I have decided is: to just do it. I am going to combine all the different sports that I have been practicing the last couple of years. I am going to take the best parts from every single sport and combine it to o “Swedish Rocky outdoor training program ” ;). It´s not going to be a fashion type of work out where you have to look good in front of all the other people at the gym. Its going to be dirty, cold and hard, just as working out should be in my opinion. I am going to let you guys follow my improvements via photos, video and and my opinion through my writing skills.

Just to let you guys now what I am starting with:
I am now 26 years old, weighing in at 83 kg, standing 181 cm tall. I am in fairly good shape, but I should probably lose a couple of kg if I switched out some of the pizza and beer for some milk and salad.

This is day one and this is were everything starts…

Day one: 10 km running in the snow



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It´s been a while ago since I posted anything. Actually I havn´t been updating the blog since the last day of the Central America trip. Well I havn´t been surfing any waves since, but I was paddling a lot during the summer, and now during the fall I have been windsurfing a lot. I finally starting to get the grip of windsurfing. Me and Lasse have spent a couples of days out each week. Here is some snaps a couple a weeks ago. The last good days before the real fall hit us. Tomorrow is going to be a epic storm. Don´t know if we are going to be able to surf or not. Ill guess we find out.






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